Sunday, September 18, 2011


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I would like to introduce you to Mindy. She has a shop over on the Zibbet Crafters Marketplace . Mindy likes to create lots of stuff. She is a breast cancer survivor, had heart surgery and lots of other inconveniences in her life but never lets it drag her down. She thanks the Lord every day for what she has and tries to use her talent to the fullest. She does admit with a laugh and a smile that she does watch lot of shopping channels and reads fashion magazines, to get ideas for her jewelry. She is also into doing craft shows and hopes to keep sharing her designs with you and hope to make you happy with her creations. You will find lots of different items as well as antiques in her shop SHOP TILL YOU DROP. Below are just a few samples of what you will find in Mindy's shop.
She hopes to see you there.
Inspired by Salvador Dali Big Bold Bib style choker, necklace and earring set by shoptillyoudropnow Bone Yard silver tone necklace set by shoptillyoudropnow on Zibbet

I'm growing up ..... About Time

Ok so it is time for me to grow up..... right?   Time to be a more professional blogger..... right?  I am only 56 years old, I have plenty of time to grow up.....right?

Well as you can all see I have changed my blog and I hope it shows a more grown up and a more professional style.

In my strive to be more professional, I will be showcasing my work as well as spotlighting other crafters so you and others can see how awesome our work is.

Check out hileriously funny scrapbook and crafting videos and stories.

Finding time to Blog about Crafting

Where does the time go?  I always had time to blog about Gardening and then I started crafting and I can't find the time to clean my house let alone blog about crafting.

This got me to wondering if other crafter had the same time mis-management that I do.  Not everyone is a Martha Wannabee like ME.
Craft Cottage Studio SubmittedI would love for my better half to build me a Crafting Cottage but I do not see that happening but I can dream, can't I?  I always dream in 3D and technicolor.  Here is the cottage I keep dreaming about along with pictures I have collected over the years.

Actually I dream of owning a very old victorian house built around 1885   converting the bottom floor into a Crafting retreat and living on the top floor
Craft Organization
This is my Ultimate Dream craft organization with my unrulely Martha screaming to get out. It also probably cost more than building the cottage.
organization solutions forCraft Room Organization IdeasStudio3

so there you have my ideas and dreams  soooo what is your inner most Martha talking about?
Please share your dreams with all of us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Hottest thing in Scrapbooking

For all of us that scrapbook, I believe the hottest thing since "Sliced Bread" is Digital Scrapbooking.  Most of you have or at least know someone who has a digital camera and if you are reading this blog then you have access to a computer so you are already half way there.

Now personally, my hubby thinks digital scrapbooking is wonder in Wonder Bread because now he does not have to fight for space to eat at the table or sit in his chair (psst   my scrapbooking tends to just up and wander all around the house hehehe)  or just about any available space.

Cricut Expression 290300 Personal Electronic CutterDon't get me wrong......I love paper and ribbon and glue dots and  did I mention PAPER and oh my gawd I am totally and forever in love with my new Cricut Expressions machine that hubby says will put us in the poor house with all the cartridges, mats, blades, tools that I just HAVE to HAVE.   Hey  he is the one who ordered me the machine for Valentines Day.  He is also the one who felt just terrible at he waited too late and it arrived 8 days after V.Day so he took me to Michaels and Joanns and bought me 6 cartridges.   Don't you just love a man who will buy you scrapbooking supplies?   My guy will even drive me to Joanns or Michaels and actually go in the store with me.  He says it is because after I am done shopping the cart is too hard for me to push.  LOL

Well back to Digital Scrapbooking..... if you are hip and into new fangled things then Digital Scrapbooking is just the thing and let me tell you, you will save boocoo bucks doing it digitally.

Now you just KNOW there is a reason for this post and I can tell you  I sell digital clipart and it is super cheap.   I think the most any one set of clipart is $5.00  but you get alot for that amount.   The $5.00 sets are complete altered can label sets  like Movie Night.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The art of Paperbilities

What are Paperbilities?  They are the cutiest, most whimsy diecuts you can adorn your scrapbook pages and cards with.

My first Paperbility is Leonard the Penguin.  He is 2inches tall and has squiggly eyes.  How adorable is he?

Leonard was made using acid free premium scrapbooking cardstock paper, cut with the Cuttlebug Diecutting machine for the first cut and then I clean cut the edges by hand.  I then assemble all the layers using Hermafix Transfer Glue.

Shellie the turtle is my newest paperbility.  She is just so cute.  You just have to love the eyes..