Saturday, January 22, 2011

The art of Paperbilities

What are Paperbilities?  They are the cutiest, most whimsy diecuts you can adorn your scrapbook pages and cards with.

My first Paperbility is Leonard the Penguin.  He is 2inches tall and has squiggly eyes.  How adorable is he?

Leonard was made using acid free premium scrapbooking cardstock paper, cut with the Cuttlebug Diecutting machine for the first cut and then I clean cut the edges by hand.  I then assemble all the layers using Hermafix Transfer Glue.

Shellie the turtle is my newest paperbility.  She is just so cute.  You just have to love the eyes..


  1. Beautiful blog!

    Love the banner, owls are very hot :)

  2. Thanks ASHLEY I have some digital Owls I need to get posted on etsy too