Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Hottest thing in Scrapbooking

For all of us that scrapbook, I believe the hottest thing since "Sliced Bread" is Digital Scrapbooking.  Most of you have or at least know someone who has a digital camera and if you are reading this blog then you have access to a computer so you are already half way there.

Now personally, my hubby thinks digital scrapbooking is wonder in Wonder Bread because now he does not have to fight for space to eat at the table or sit in his chair (psst   my scrapbooking tends to just up and wander all around the house hehehe)  or just about any available space.

Cricut Expression 290300 Personal Electronic CutterDon't get me wrong......I love paper and ribbon and glue dots and  did I mention PAPER and oh my gawd I am totally and forever in love with my new Cricut Expressions machine that hubby says will put us in the poor house with all the cartridges, mats, blades, tools that I just HAVE to HAVE.   Hey  he is the one who ordered me the machine for Valentines Day.  He is also the one who felt just terrible at he waited too late and it arrived 8 days after V.Day so he took me to Michaels and Joanns and bought me 6 cartridges.   Don't you just love a man who will buy you scrapbooking supplies?   My guy will even drive me to Joanns or Michaels and actually go in the store with me.  He says it is because after I am done shopping the cart is too hard for me to push.  LOL

Well back to Digital Scrapbooking..... if you are hip and into new fangled things then Digital Scrapbooking is just the thing and let me tell you, you will save boocoo bucks doing it digitally.

Now you just KNOW there is a reason for this post and I can tell you  I sell digital clipart and it is super cheap.   I think the most any one set of clipart is $5.00  but you get alot for that amount.   The $5.00 sets are complete altered can label sets  like Movie Night.

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