Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding time to Blog about Crafting

Where does the time go?  I always had time to blog about Gardening and then I started crafting and I can't find the time to clean my house let alone blog about crafting.

This got me to wondering if other crafter had the same time mis-management that I do.  Not everyone is a Martha Wannabee like ME.
Craft Cottage Studio SubmittedI would love for my better half to build me a Crafting Cottage but I do not see that happening but I can dream, can't I?  I always dream in 3D and technicolor.  Here is the cottage I keep dreaming about along with pictures I have collected over the years.

Actually I dream of owning a very old victorian house built around 1885   converting the bottom floor into a Crafting retreat and living on the top floor
Craft Organization
This is my Ultimate Dream craft organization with my unrulely Martha screaming to get out. It also probably cost more than building the cottage.
organization solutions forCraft Room Organization IdeasStudio3

so there you have my ideas and dreams  soooo what is your inner most Martha talking about?
Please share your dreams with all of us.

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